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Operating System Email Wife 1.0

Dear Troubled User: We are sorry that you are experiencing operating system problems and you have a common problem that men complain about. We are here to help! Many men install the upgrade from Wife 1.0 to Girlfri...

Terrible Drink

A man's wife was complaining to their friends about her husband who was spending all his free time in the bar. So this one night he decided to invite her along to the bar with him. "What'll you have?" he asked. "Oh...

What Do You Want?

Married couple is traveling down interstate 66 doing 55 mph. The husband is behind the wheel. His wife looks over and says, "Honey, we've been married for 14 good years, but now I want a divorce." The husband says not...

Scary Relationship

An old man and woman were married for many years and thoroughly hated each other. When they had a fight, loud screams and yelling could be heard deep into the night. The wife would scream ... "When I done and gone I ...

Profile of Chief Executive Officer

A man goes into a local pet shop to buy a cat. The shop owner points to three identical-looking cats in a basket and says, "The cat on the left costs $400." The man asks "Why does the cat cost so much?". The owner says "...

Special Holiday Gifts!

After going to university, each of four sons left the house and started into their careers. The sons quickly became very successful business entrepreneurs and prospered well. Before the holiday season, over lunch, th...

Side-Effects of Running!

Overweight American went to see his family doctor for some weight loss advice. The doctor advised that the best medicine was to run seven miles a day for forty days. The doctor promised, that would help him lose as mu...


Driving past the grounds of the university, a professor saw a student running hard. Snarling at his heels were three huge dogs. Intent on rescue, the professor braked his Volkswagon to a halt and threw open the door. "H...

Sooner or later

A repeat offender with a long criminal record was brought before the judge. Judge asks "Have you ever stole things?" Thief: Oh, now and then I suppose. Judge: And where have you stolen these things? Thief: Oh...

Dog Park

At the dog park, this elderly lady had two rather large rottweiler dogs. On being asked the dogs' names by another park visitor she replied "One is called Timex and the other Rolex." Wow, Them's some strange names for ...

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