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Light Bulb

How many librarians does it take to change a light bulb? Just six. One gets ready to change the light bulb while the other five form a review committee and write a letter of protest to the Dean, because, changing light b...

Snake Bite

Jonathan and Randy were hiking buddies and on this one day in the woods Randy is bitten on the rear end by a huge rattlesnake. Ok, Jonathan says "I will run to town for a doctor." Jonathan runs as fast as he can for 10 m...


There was a Famous Doctor, an Old Man and a Boyscout on an airplane with engine failure. Unfortunately, there were only two parachutes. The quick thinking Doctor stated "I am the smartest man here and also in the world ....

Dog Fever

What do you call a dog that has a fever and what do you give to them? Hotdogs! You give them mustard because mustard is good for HOTDOGS!...

Dust to Dust

Little boy queried the parish priest a question, Little Boy: "Father I heard you once say that we all came from dust" Parish priest, "That's right I did say that". Little boy: And Father I heard you say that when we die ...

I'm not going to Church

A man told his wife he was not going to church this morning for 3 reasons. (1) The congregation is cold (2) The people don't like me and (3) I just don't want to. His wife said "Ok, but here are my 3 reasons why I want y...


What did the North Atlantic fisherman say after making a huge catch just off the Atlantic Continental Shelf? "Oh, my Cod, will you look at that."...

Battleship Sailor

At a popular docking port all the crew applied for leave except one. "What's the matter with you!" asked an officer. "Are you the only sailor who has no a wife in this port?" "No," replied the sailor, "I'm the only one...

Beginner Golfer

"What was your score?" asked a seasoned golfer. "Seventy-two," replied the beginner. "Why, that's good." "It's not bad, I guess, ... I do hope I will do better on the next hole." ...

Courteous Passenger

The bus was very crowded when the young lady got on and a gentleman attempted to rise. She pushed him back gently and he tried to rise once more. “No, no, thank you!” she murmured, pushing him back again. “Please let m...

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